Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2020 (Exclusive Interview)

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Ultimate Bundles Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2020

Are you thinking about purchasing the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit this year? Is this your first time hearing about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit? If so, you’re in the right place! To help you get a better understanding of this blogging toolkit, I interviewed Kyle Young (the marketing strategist for Ultimate Bundles) to get the inside scoop of The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2020 and the Ultimate Bundles company. Check out the interview, show notes, and key insights below!

What’s Ultimate Bundles? What do they sell?

Ultimate Bundles is an online business that sells digital bundles on a variety of topics. Kyle said they have been in business for about eight years (he’s been working for them for four years), and they have sold bundles that included digital products on productivity, meal planning, herbs and essential oils, blogging, homemaking, crafting, gardening, etc.

“We try to create bundles around any topic where people can benefit from having a variety of resources and are looking for ways to save money on that,” said Kyle.

How do they help people like you and me save money on products? By compiling those products and resources (on a certain topic) and selling them together as a bundle for one, hugely discounted price. Keep reading to see what I mean.  

What’s the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is one of Ultimate Bundles’ valuable digital bundles. This blogging toolkit includes over 80 digital resources (i.e. eBooks, eCourses, templates, workbooks) that cover various topics such as affiliate marketing, email marketing, podcasting and video, traffic and SEO, website and tech, creating and selling products, etc.

It’s designed to help bloggers get the tools they need to start and grow a blog and online business at an affordable price. 

Kyle shared, “It looks like this is going to be the most valuable toolkit we’ve ever offered because we have over $7,400 worth of resources in the bundle.”   

What Resources are Included in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2020?

There are 86 digital products in this toolkit so brace yourself. Here’s a list of the resources in the genius bloggers toolkit by category.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020 Full Bundle Image

Affiliate Marketing Resources 

There are three affiliate marketing resources that are worth $177 combined.

(1). Supercharge Your Affiliate Income: This workbook by Emma Drew will teach you actionable steps to refine your strategy over time to make affiliate marketing a dependable source of income.

(2). The Zero to Superhero Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle: How to Conquer Affiliate Sales as a New Blogger: This eCourse by Ana Skyes is a complete guide to affiliate marketing for beginners, and it will help new bloggers make their first $1,000 in affiliate sales. 

(3). VIP Affiliate Superstars Toolkit: This eCourse by Leanne Scott contains all the tools and templates you need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Content Creation Resources

There are 10 content creation resources that are worth $940 combined.

(4). 52Prompts: This eCourse by Gemma Bonham-Carter includes a complete year of engaging topics for your email newsletters that will turn subscribers into buyers. It also includes a system to re-purpose those emails into social content.

(5). Batching Masterclass: Creating Systems in Your Business: This eCourse by Cara Harvey will help you discover the step-by-step system that will allow you to create time to work on your business, get organized with all your tasks, and feel in control of your time. 

(6). Content Creation Blueprint: Fast and Easy Strategies to Write More, Sell More, and Work Less:This eCourse by Cindy Bidar is an easy-to-follow system for intentional content creation to build an audience and drive sales. 

(7). Content Scaling Success: This eCourse by Kelan Kline will help you outsource your content creation and scale your blogging business.

(8). Content Multiplier: This eCourse by Tonia Kendrick will teach you fast & easy strategies that will help you reuse, remix, and repurpose your content.

(9). Convert: How to Turn Readers into Fans: This eBook by Helene Sula will help you convert readers into followers. It also includes plug-and-play blog post templates to help you grow your traffic, followers, and monetize. 

(10). Handbook of Secret Copywriting Formulas: This eBook by Bob Bly includes battle-tested shortcuts and proven persuasion methods that can help you write stronger copy with less time and effort.

(11). The Boost Your Blog Binder: 170+ Blog Post Ideas & MORE! This printable binder by Grace Moser will help take the overwhelm out of blogging and help you become a full-time blogger a lot sooner.

(12). Truly Evergreen Newsletters: This eCourse by Victoria Pruett will help you create a yearly automation that includes seasonal content and adds users to the appropriate point instead of at the beginning.                                                       

(13). Write Better, Right Now: This eCourse by Abigail King will teach you secrets only published writers know and show you how to master powerful techniques to make your writing sing.

Resources on Creating and Selling Products

There are 11 resources on creating and selling products that are worth $997 combined.

(14). 1 Hour eBooks & PDFs: This eCourse by Debbie Gartner will show you how to create a simple product in an hour.

(15). Bling Your Blog Shop: This eCourse by Adrien Walker will show you how to make money from your blog by starting a profitable store to sell physical products such as tees, totes, and mugs that your audience will identify with.                      

(16). Course Crush Quick Start: How to Pick Crazy Awesome Course Topics People Love: This eCourse by Jennifer Maker is a step-by-step guide to determining which course topics your people want and need and will actually invest in.

(17). Create Your Digital Product Launch Plan: This eCourse by Kayleigh Hannon includes a step-by-step launch plan method that will help you figure out exactly what to do for the next eight weeks to launch your digital product.

(18). Fill-in-the-Blank eBook & Optin Freebie Templates: These fill-in-the-blank templates by Lena Gott will help you get a product or worksheet created quickly. 

(19). Product Launch Power Pack: This eCourse by Beth Anne Schwamberger includes a step-by-step plan for sales success that will help you get your audience to move their buns and buy from you.

(20). Profitable Tripwires Training: This eCourse by Dale Persons will teach you how to make money and get loyal customers—while growing your email list.

(21). Teach to Reach Workshop: This eCourse by Amanda Creek will help you reach your audience and grow your authority online by teaching your skills and expertise.

(22). The Ultimate Printables Kit: This printable kit by Gold City Ventures simplifies the research, brainstorming, design, marketing, and goal setting processes for selling printables.

(23). Undated Weekly Planner Template: This printable template by Becky Beach

can be resold in your Etsy shop or on your own blog’s store. 

(24). Your Digital Product Blueprint: This eCourse by Brianna Berner will teach you how to create the digital product your audience is craving in a fraction of the time.

Email Marketing Resources

There are six email marketing resources that are worth $599 combined.

(25). 300 Email Marketing Tips: This eBook by Meera Kothand includes critical advice and strategies you can use to turn subscribers into buyers and grow a six-figure business with email.

(26). Build Your List 101: How to Grow Your Email List—Even if You’re Starting from Scratch! This eCourse by Crystal Paine will teach you four foundational principles for being strategic and intentional about building your email list.

(27). Email Structure Cheat Sheets: These templates by Jennifer Roskamp will help you craft emails that you must be sending to your readers. 

(28). Opt-In Magic: This eCourse by Tracy Lynn & Caroline Vencil will teach you the secret to faster, bigger, and better email growth.

(29). The Hot List: This eCourse by Krista will help you grow a wildly profitable and engaged email list.

(30). Welcome Series in a Weekend: This eCourse by Kate Doster will help you create fans (and buyers) for life with a toe-curling welcome series.  

Resources on Getting Started with Blogging

There are six resources on getting started that are worth $225 combined.

(31). 100 Ways to Make Money Blogging: This eCourse by Chelsea will teach you 100 tried-tested-and-true ways to earn a solid living as a content creator in 2021 and beyond.

(32). 28 Day Blog Launch Calendar: This eBook by Bob Lotich will help you get your blog off to an amazing start.

(33). Biz Alchemy Secrets: This eBook by Daniella Schoeman will teach you the secret elements to online business success.    

(34). Exclusive Blogging Myths & Strategy Secrets Revealed: This eBook by Lucy Reyes will help you achieve your ultimate goals in a smarter and quicker way.

(35). Mom Blogging Mentor: This eCourse by McKinzie Bean includes a step-by-step tutorial that will take you from finding your niche, setting up your site, product creation, and marketing your blog to a successful, earning business.

(36). The Niche Choosing Playbook: This eBook by Lily Ugbaja includes all the questions, worksheets, tools, data and metrics you need to choose a profitable blogging niche in 30 minutes.

Graphics and Designs Resources

There are five graphics and designs resources that are worth $676 combined.

(37). 100 Unique Lifestyle Stock Images for Bloggers: These images by Sage Media & Marketing will help you stand out online and build a loyal following using beautiful images.

(38). Canva Easy Design Pin Templates: This eCourse by Faith Lee includes 50 fully customizable, drag-and-drop Canva templates that you can use to create beautiful and click-worthy pins in just minutes.

(39). Instagram Social Media Templates for Canva Users: These templates by Tonia L. Clark will help you grab your followers’ attention and create an aesthetic look for your Instagram feed. 

(40). Special GBTK Graphics Kit for Canva: These templates by Kate Danielle Hardin will help you create standout graphics in minutes with this design kit for Canva. 

(41). The Image Lab CORE: This eCourse by Pamela Wilson includes visual content marketing training for online business owners.

Legal Resources

There are three legal resources that are worth $244 combined.

(42). CCPA Compliance Masterclass for Bloggers: This eCourse by Lucrezia Iapichino will teach you how to make your blog CCPA compliant in five easy steps.

(43). Privacy Policy Template: This GDPR compliant legal template by Andrea Vetter is intended for US websites only. If you collect personal information through your website, you need a Privacy Policy.

(44). Sponsored Posts Contract Template: This legal template by Amira Irfan can be used to collaborate with brands and get paid on time.

Mindset Resources

There are four mindset resources that are worth $295 combined.

(45). The Essential Blogger Mindset Handbook: The Mindset You Need to Achieve Blogging Success:This eBook by Frances Vidakovic will show you how to achieve blogging success by having the right mindset in place.

(46). The Intentional Influencer: Make an Impact as a Christian in Business and/or Ministry: This eCourse by Rachael Gilbert will teach you how to turn your passions into a platform and influence with intention to make an impact for the kingdom.

(47). Think Like A Boss: This eCourse by Faith Mariah includes a mindset transformation and practical strategies every blogger needs when building their business.

(48). Your Blogging Breakthrough: This eCourse by Jessie Festa will help you turn your big blogging dreams into a profitable action plan.

Resources on Networking and Growth

There are eight resources on networking and growth that are worth $984.94 combined.

(49). A Blogger’s Guide to Working With Brands: Start Earning Even More Money for Your Blog: This eBook by Lisa Sharp will help you start working with brands the easy way.

(50). Are You Ready for a VA? This eCourse by Lexi Roark will help you get ready BEFORE you hire someone such as an administrative professional.                      

(51). From Entrepreneur to CEO: This eBook by Shahara Wright includes practical tips, realistic examples, and implementation strategies designed to help you grow your business. 

(52). How to Confidently Pitch Yourself to Brands in 2020: This eBook by Emmanuela Okon was written with the intention that content creators know their worth and understand the value of their content.

(53). How to Make Money as an Influencer: This eCourse by Elaine Rau will teach you how to pitch and land brand deals, make passive influencer income, create a brand that brands want to work with, create captivating content that generates engagement, and all the legalities that come with making money online.

(54). Keep Your Clients: This eCourse by Sagan Morrow includes best practices for client communication and client retention strategies.                  

(55). Services By Number: This eCourse by Suzi & John Whitford includes everything you need to monetize your small website with valuable services.

(56). The Ultimate Pitching Guide: This guide by Thrive will help eliminate the fear and anxiety around pitching and includes 10 email templates to pitch brands and media outlets for collaborations and features.         

Podcasting and Video Resources

There are five podcasting and video resources that are worth $554.97 combined.

(57). Booked Out Podcast: How to Find & Pitch Guests for Your Show: This eCourse by Melissa Guller will teach you how to find, pitch, and interview guests for your show, even if you have zero industry connections. It also includes podcast pitch templates, email copy templates, remote recording setup, and interview lessons.

(58). How To Use The Power of Video To Effectively Gain Mass Appeal: This eCourse by Talaat & Tai includes tips they used to gain over 100k subscribers and take their blog to over six figures. 

(59). Plan Your Money Making Webinar to Make Sales Over & Over Again: This eCourse by Kerry Beck will help you do the work upfront so you’ll reap the rewards for years to come with sales over and over from your webinar.

(60). Ready, Set…RECORD! This eCourse by Breonna Queen includes resources, videos, and guides to help you become more confident on camera.

(61). Profit Lab Masterclass: This eCourse by Meredith Marsh will show you the steps to earning $1000 a month by monetizing your video content even if you have a small audience (or you’re just starting out).

Productivity and Organization Resources

There are five productivity and organization resources that are worth $112 combined.

(62). 30 Day Goal Crusher for Bloggers: This eCourse by Leslie Boyd includes easy steps to move the needle forward in achieving your goals.

(63). Deluxe Blogging Binder Printables: These printable pages by Abby Lawson will help you organize every area of your business, save you valuable time and free you up to complete the tasks that will truly help to grow your site.   

(64). Monthly Blog Income Planner: This workbook by Rachel Newcomb will help you plan, set and reach your monthly income goals.

(65). The Fundamental Blog Planner: This workbook by Holly Reisem Hanna includes all the tools you need to organize and systemize your blog for success.

(66). Trello Tracking Board for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit: This planner by Paperless Boss will help you track all of your bundle products digitally with a bundle tracking board.

Social Media Resources

There are 12 social media resources that are worth $760.98 combined.

(67). 4 Day Facebook Fixup Challenge: This eCourse by Misty Dorman will help you set up your Facebook profile to attract your perfect prospects & get them asking you for more info about your product, service, or opportunity.

(68). Instagram 101 for Creative Businesses: Boost Followers & Sales: This eCourse by Jav will teach you strategies for building a thriving community for your business and boost your sales through Instagram.

(69). Pin Practical Primer Starter Kit: This eCourse by Monica Froese is a quick start guide on running profitable Pinterest advertising campaigns at a low cost.

(70). Pinterest and Tailwind Hacks: This eBook by Corey Hudson includes tips and tricks to make your time on Pinterest and Tailwind easier.

(71). Pintastic Hashtag Swipe File: This template by Laura Rike includes a list of 500+ niche-specific keywords & hashtags all researched for you to make it super easy to get your pins to go viral & be seen FIRST!

(72). Pinterest Marketing 101: This eCourse by Angie Gensler is a beginner’s guide to successfully marketing your business on Pinterest.

(73). Profitable Facebook Group Workshop: Create & Leverage A Group To Build Community & Increase Sales: This eCourse by Alison Reeves will help you launch, nurture, and grow a profitable Facebook group.

(74). Social Media Content Calendar: This eBook by Cecilie Aslaksen contains 365 prompts (+ 1 in case of leap year) you can use to spark engagement with your followers.

(75). Social Media Scheduling Like The Pros: This eCourse by Wendy LugoSantiago will teach you why you should schedule your social media posts, how to find the best times to post, which scheduling tools to use, and a step-by-step walkthrough of 3 social media scheduling tools.

(76). The Pinfluence Playbook: How to Grow Your Website Traffic Exponentially With Pinterest: This eBook by Sarah Renae Clark will teach you the strategy that has helped Sarah grow from 300 to 34,000 Pinterest followers, and continues to bring in over 1000 new followers every month, in less than an hour per week.

(77). The Video Pin Starter Kit: This eCourse by Nadalie Bardo is a click-by-click guide to creating Pinterest Video Pins.

(78). Your Social Plan: Social Media Planner for One Month: This planner template by Julie Herndon includes a whole month of captions, images, hashtags and more.

Traffic and SEO Resources

There are five traffic and SEO resources that are worth $477 combined.

(79). Blog Health Checkup Schedule: Keep Your Blog Healthy with Preventative Maintenance: This eBook by Posts by Ghost details everything you need to do (and how often) to ensure your blog looks great on Google. 

(80). Holiday Spike: This eCourse by Emma Quay includes an in-depth strategy to grow your blog income and traffic during the Holiday season. It covers aspects of blogging, from affiliate marketing and Pinterest strategies, to email marketing, content strategies and more. 

(81). Ramp Up Your Visibility: This eCourse by Leesa Klich will help you get your blog posts in front of way more people. 

(82). SEO Jumpstart: Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers: This eCourse by Eb Gargano is a jargon-free, self-paced SEO course for bloggers like you who want to grow their blogs in a long-term, sustainable way and be free from worrying about getting traffic from social media.    

(83). SEO Secrets: This eBook by Shailaja includes 10 simple SEO secrets that will help your content rank on Google within weeks.

Website and Tech Resources

There are three website and teach resources that are worth $441 combined. 

(84). Life After Blog Setup: This eCourse by Cousett Hoover will teach you how to efficiently take care of your blog and eliminate many headaches down the line.

(85). New Blog Tonight: This eCourse by Brian Dixon is a step-by-step video course that will help you create your WordPress blog by tonight.

(86). The WordPress Studio: This eCourse by Katie Grazer includes 30+ mini WordPress video tutorials showing you exactly how to use your blogging software.

Whew! As Kyle said, “that is a mouthful.” Now, on to the bonuses . . . (oh yes, there’s more!)

Bonuses in the Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2020

There are 14 bonuses that are worth over $1,500 combined.

(1). $25 Credit from SaneBox: Use this to clean up your inbox today and keep it that way forever. 

(2). 3 Months Free from MeetEdger: Use this social media management tool to schedule and organize your social media content.

(3). 2 Months Free of Stencil Unlimited from Stencil: Use this graphic design tool to create blog images, social media graphics, promotional images, and so much more.

(4). Focus Blend Aroma Therapy from Puro Co.: Use these holistic tools to complement your overall wellbeing and success.

(5). 28 day extended free trial from Podia: New customers can use this to sell digital products. Existing customers can get a 30-minute coaching call with their Director of Creator Success to help you break through any obstacles you’re facing in your digital product business for existing customers

(6). 4 Months Free Membership to the VA Business Lounge from Harrelson Media: Harrelson Media is a leading Digital Marketing Agency that helps businesses grow by providing the resources and strategy they need to maximize their visibility and increase their revenue.

(7). FREE Site Scan + Content Audit Statistical Report from The Blog Fixer: The Blog Fixer uses software to automate the little, annoying things bloggers have to do to optimize their site, allowing them to spend more of their time writing great content. 

(8). 3 Months Access to the 2020 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Sessions from Bloggers Breakthrough Summit: This summit aims to help bloggers spend less time blogging while seeing bigger results, that way they can breakthrough to the next level and hit their blogging goals

(9). 2 Months Free on Any Plan from Wordable: Wordable helps you instantly export Google Docs to WordPress, formatting and all. With Wordable, just click export and your content is perfectly formatted in WordPress and ready to publish, every time!

(10). 6 Months Free of QuizPipe at the Enterprise Tier from Clean Commit: QuizPipe is a lead generating quiz platform designed for bloggers by Clean Commit. Clean Commit makes unique websites and web products that users love.

(11). 15 Styled Stock Photos + Editable Social Media Templates from Haute Stock: Haute Stock is a styled stock photography subscription for women business owners, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. Its stock photo library includes thousands of high-quality images, social media graphics, editable templates, design assets, and marketing guides.

(12). 60 FREE Trial of Convertkit for New Customers or 10 FREE Visual Automations for Existing Customers: Use this to build an email list, connect with your followers, and grow your business.

(13). 3 Months Free from Tailwind for New Customers and a New Private Beta Tool for Existing Customers:  Tailwind helps bloggers and small businesses grow smarter on Pinterest & Instagram. Find your best times to post, plan your content for the biggest impact, and save time with auto publishing through Tailwind’s partner tools. On average, Tailwind members get 1.8x more likes on Instagram & 6.9x more saves on Pinterest.

(14). 3 Months Free on the PRO Plan from SocialBee: SocialBee is a social media management tool that helps you get more leads, with less effort. With a user-friendly interface, it offers the possibility to automate posting on all your profiles from one place, just like top social media specialists do.

How much does The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit cost?

If you were to purchase all of the digital products in this toolkit individually, you would have to pay $7,484.88 in total. Thankfully, Ultimate Bundles was able to work out a deal with the contributors so they can sell this blogging toolkit (that includes 86 resources AND 14 bonuses) for $97 instead! 

You don’t need a genius bloggers toolkit coupon code or ultimate bundles coupon code to get this amazing discount either! The 97% discount has already been applied to this link.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee for this Blogging Toolkit?

Absolutely! Ultimate Bundles offers a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee for all of their bundles including the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. Thus, if you’re hesitant to buy this bundle, then rest assure that you can get your money back within 30 days of your purchase if you’re unhappy with the toolkit. 

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2020 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit by Ultimate Bundles


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