Georgia Mobile Notary Services

Meet the Georgia Notary Public

Hello! I’m Jessica Dukharan, a commissioned notary public for the State of Georgia. I obtained my Certificate of Appointment of Notary Public in 2021, and I am authorized to perform notarial acts (as defined by Georgia Notary Law) anywhere within the State of Georgia.


Notary Business Hours

Monday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Tuesday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Wednesday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Thursday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Friday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday – Closed

Sunday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Phone Number


Notary Service Areas

• Dekalb County (e.g., Lithonia, Stonecrest, Stone Mountain)

• Fulton County (e.g., Alpharetta, Milton, Roswell)

• Gwinnett County (e.g., Lawrenceville, Loganville, Snellville)

• Rockdale County (e.g., Conyers)

What is notary public? A notary public is a person of integrity appointment by state government, an impartial witness for notarial acts, and a ministerial official who helps to deter fraud.

Testimonials for Jessica Dukharan Notary Services

Jessica served as a witness for my loan signing. She arrived on time and was professional.
Jeffery Nunnally
Jeffery Nunnally
October 27, 2021.
Bobbie Edelen
Bobbie Edelen
October 25, 2021.
Documents Jessica Dukharan can notarize include affidavit, divorce documents, last will and testament, power of attorney, travel consent form, and more.

Notarial Acts Offered

• Acknowledgment

• Jurat

• Oath/Affirmation

• Witness

Documents I Will Notarize

I can notarize any “General Notary Work” related document such as an affidavit, divorce papers, last will, power of attorney, etc. I also offer Form I-9 verification services.

Proud Member of National Notary Association

“No notary is obligated to perform a notarial act if he or she feels such act is for a transaction which the notary knows or suspects is illegal, false or deceptive; for a person who is being coerced or for a person whose demeanor causes compelling doubts about whether the person knows the consequences of the transaction requiring the notarial act.” -Georgia Notary Law,

Steps for Notarization

Step 1

Read everything on this “Georgia Mobile Notary Services” page on to ensure I provide the type of service(s) you need and to learn about my business hours, fees, acceptable forms of IDs & payment, etc.

Step 2

2a. Make sure your documents are complete and ready for notarization.

2b. Determine which type of notarial act needs to be done and how many notarizations you need. If you are unsure, do one of the following:

  • contact the party that issued the document(s) to ask what type of notarization or certificate is required 
  • contact the party that will receive the document(s) to ask what type of notarization or certificate is required
  • contact an attorney to ask what type of notarization or certificate is required

Step 3

3a. Call me at 678-653-1332 to book an appointment and receive a quote.

3b. Complete the Jessica Dukharan’s Mobile Notary Services Google Form.

Step 4

Bring your completed document(s), valid ID, and form of payment to the location we agreed to meet at.

Step 5

Complete the notarization process:

  • Show your valid ID and document(s) in person {all present signers will need to do this}
  • I will examine the document(s) for completeness and a notarial certificate
  • We will confirm the total amount of notary service fees
  • I will obtain all the necessary information for my notary record book
  • I will perform the notarization ceremony for the requested notarial act(s)
  • You (and any other signer) will sign the document(s)
  • I will complete the notarial certificate
  • You will pay the total notary service fees with a valid form of payment (e.g., cash, Cash App, credit card, debit card, PayPal, Zelle)

Notarial Acts

I provide the following mobile notary services:

  • Signature Witnessing: “A notarial act for which an individual personally appears before a notary, and signs a document in the notary’s presence. Because the individual does not acknowledge his/her signature, swear an oath or make an affirmation, there is no verbal ceremony for a signature witnessing” (American Society of Notaries, p. 84). 
  • Acknowledgment: “A notarial act in which the signer of a document admits to a notary public that he/she signed the document, understands the contents of the document, and that he/she is aware of the consequences of executing the document by signing it of his/her own free will” (American Society of Notaries, p. 81). 
  • Jurat: This is “the written notarial certificate found on an affidavit, application, or other document indicating that the signer swore or affirmed to the notary under penalty of perjury that the information in the document is the truth” (American Society of Notaries, p. 83). 
  • Oath: This is “any form of attestation or pledge by which a person signifies that he/she is bound in conscience and out of a sense of responsibility to a Supreme Being to the truthfulness of some statement” (American Society of Notaries, pp. 83-84). 
  • Affirmation: This is “a solemn statement of truth made under penalty of perjury, equivalent by law to an oath, but without religious significance or reference to a Supreme Being” (American Society of Notaries, p. 81).  


American Society of Notaries. (2020). Terms and Definitions. In Georgia Notary Handbook (10th ed., pp. 81–85). Georgia Superior Court Clerk’s Cooperative Authority.