Hi! I’m Jessica Dukharan

. . . a writer, speaker, traditional Muslimah, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and flawed human being who is on a journey of becoming the best version of myself. 

As I learn new lessons and “tips and tricks,” I’ll share those with you in the form of articles, videos, and podcast episodes so you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made, prepare for the tests you will face, heal from the pain you’ve endured, and ultimately achieve your goals and definition of success.


My mission is to help other faith-centered individuals navigate through life, develop soft skills, build an online business, and become the best version of themselves one post at a time.

Together, we can take charge of our lives and improve each aspect of it so we can create a life we don’t have to escape from. Yes, it’s possible with hard work, faith in God, and support from a community of like-minded people

Jessica Dukharan


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